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VST: you have to record your main channel and then insert the plugin on the channel that you wish to monitor.  . MP3: you have to buy a separate audio recorder and do it manually. GZ: I use Sony's line of USB recorders and GZ - which is a usb interface that records directly to a drive - like a hard disk drive. No I'm not going to get into details. It works very well for me. - Surround - These are your monitoring controls. I set the gain so that the mic is on the limit and then set the FFT peaks to about 45dB above peak and turn off the levels in the mix. The main channel for me is the master - I monitor it to the MP3 to ensure that the levels are all right and if I have to then I have to switch them back -  . It seems to be working for me.    I like to hook my laptop to the computer and check things like this. If I'm not happy I press F1 and it will toggle to show all the tracks and I see my head like this:   I then select the track that I'm unhappy with and press the play button to see what's going on. I'd expect there to be a high peak (above 100dB) for the transients which is very high and the low peaks which are around 60dB below the level that I'm happy with. Here's a screenshot of my Windows desktop. It's not the best photo in the world but it does the job. When I first started doing this I used to monitor everything to my hard disk but I found that because of the sampling rate of my hard disk the difference between 60dB and 100dB was very subtle. Then I switched everything to the soundcard and the difference was much more noticeable - Now, I'm not going to go into details about recording using multiple converters (such as a DAW). This might well be a topic for a different thread. A: You can use Audacity to listen to the waveform of your audio (click the red arrow to the right) and adjust the volume. It depends on what type of audio you're working with. I would use the best of both worlds: a dedicated audio mixer and a waveform monitor. For a DAW, use a sound card, not the audio interface. If you use your laptop





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